Fighting Back Against Domestic Violence: An Academic Guide to Aid Victims of Abuse

I was recently contacted by a representative of the Frye Education Institute, an organization dedicated to the higher education community and information sector. She pointed out a great resource at Rutger’s University. She said :

I came across your website and resources that speak on domestic violence, abuse victims and violence prevention. Because of this, I wanted to bring this Rutgers University academic resource to your attention. This extensive guide highlights the prevalence and various types of domestic violence in America and how to understand the signs of an abusive relationship. Additionally, the resource provides victims with a list of groups, organizations and hotlines that can help them escape abusive situations, rebuild their lives and recover from the mental health impacts of abusive trauma. Our goal is to use education and awareness to promote social change and eliminate domestic violence while providing victims with the necessary resources to seek help and create a safer environment for themselves.

Rutgers University Domestic VIolence and Abusive Relationships Awareness

It’s a great resource with lots of valuable information with minimal fluff. It might save folks a lot of time on Google to just go the the Rutger’s link above.

I can see this information helping those in the abusive relationship and/or the folks trying to understand abusive relationships and help others they know in bad situations.

Thanks Frye Education Institute!


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