Submitted Poem “Just Keep Struggling” by Lyndsey Collison

(Ed note: A few weeks ago I was at a first Friday Art Show in downtown Dover, Delaware when a poet came in and did a reading of her spoken word work about domestic violence. I was impressed with Lyndsey’s bravery at sharing such deeply personal work in person and face to face with her audience. I was blown away and asked if I could publish it here. Lyndsey has graciously agree to do so and it’s below.  Bravo Lyndsey!)
Just Keep Struggling
I woke up this morning with a lot on my mind
Last night I ignored the warning 
For the thousandth time
Boy I know, I know
That your toxic love is killing me
So why do I deal with one more blow
Why don’t I just let you go
I just keep struggling with these misconceptions 
Thinking one day you will change
Why do I keep playing your mind games
Even though it drives me insane
You keep telling me
To give you more time
To show me you’re mine
That you’re going to treat me right 
I keep telling myself
This is our last fight 
As I listen to your words
I know they sound absurd 
But yet I still hang on every word
I wish someone would rescue me
Take me out of this world
This is swallowing me
Take me far out to sea
Where I can be free 
Free to be me
Without these chains
That enslave  me
Lyndsey Collison
Choose to be a survivor 
Choose you


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